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Eurostars project “Metadetect” started

Together with a German company SURFLAY and Danish company PIPELINE, the Karolinska Institute and the Univ. of Rostock QVQ received a EU grant to develop a multimodality method to detect colon cancer. Multilayer nanoparticles developed by SURFLAY containing various imaging agents will be decorated with QVQ elongated VHH, recognizing important markers for (recurring) colon cancer, […]

QVQ-website better and better! New productsheets available.

The website of QVQ has been renewed and we strive to keep on improving the content. In this light we have updated many product sheets to show that the antibodies that QVQ sell are of the highest quality and are being tested by expert research groups. If you are interested in one of our products […]

QVQ: New building, better equipment, same high quality!

From the 1st of may QVQ resides in the industrial cluster of the Androclus building. QVQ has doubled its lab space, thereby ensuring to keep on providing the highest quality of contract research with a focus on the improvement of the production and purification facilities. Yalelaan 1 Androclus building – room O270 3584 CL Utrecht […]

Collaboration between LI-COR (Nebr.USA) and QVQ on nIR labelled VHH extended

Press Release to follow

University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and QVQ established collaboration on llama antibody technology

University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (HU) has excellent facilities for studies on Chemical Technology and Life Sciences and these facilities can be used by industry. QVQ has a number of very interesting subjects for students of HU in the area of llama antibody technology. In 2015 a student of HU (Marjolein Kuijpers) worked at QVQ and […]

VHH recognize 4 different epitopes on HIV-1 resulting in a nearly perfect neutralization

For reasons not completely understood, VHH are very good in neutralizing viruses. While the development of a vaccine against HIV1 is still not successfully completed, immunization of Llama with gp41, gp120 and gp 140 envelop proteins all resulted in VHH that neutralizes HIV1 to a certain degree even up to 95% neutralization. Within the frame […]