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Recently QVQ has decided to invest in Orthros TR, a company that will develop bi-functional VHH to cure Osteoarthritis. This investment follows on the agreement between Orthros TR and QVQ in which Orthros has obtained a License Agreement on the commercialization of QVQ molecules for therapeutic purposes in the field of tissue repair, particularly Osteoarthritis. […]

New member in our staff: Dr Raimond Heukers.

Dr Raimond Heukers studied Laboratory Research in Enschede and Biology of Disease  at Utrecht University. He obtained his PhD at Utrecht University with his thesis entitled ‘Clustering-Induced, Clathrin-Mediated Endocytosis for cancer therapy’. His PhD research focussed on the use of VHHs in fundamental research, therapy and molecular imaging. After his PhD, Raimond underwent additional training […]

Work with us, win with us

QVQ offers a unique form of collaboration to ensure that you will have in the shortest possible time tailor-made lama antibodies for your research or preclinical studies. There will be two routes for this: starting directly with libraries QVQ has composed over the last 7 years and that turned out very suitable to select directly […]

New and further characterized products available

Speed up the selection of a lama antibody of your interest by using our collection of over 50 immune libraries obtained from cell immunizations. See our productlists in the different categories: Infectious Diseases, Cancer, Age Related Diseases, which includes Neuromuscular Diseases, Tissue Repair and Cardio Vascular Diseases.

Closer collaboration between UPE and QVQ

Customers interested in lama antibody [VHH] or chimers of llama and human antibodies will benefit from the closer collaboration between UPE and QVQ. For some years years U Protein Express and QVQ Holding, both located at Science Park Utrecht, worked on ad hoc basis together. This will now be done on a more structural basis […]

EBU grant for QVQ

To develop a new therapeutic route for FSHD the Economic Board Utrecht has given QVQ, NTrans and Hubrecht Institute a grant to explore whether the transduction of lama antibodies in muscle cells can stop/retard FSHD

Collaboration with Eurogentec

There is a new collaboration with Eurogentec. For more information go to our shared information here.    

Eurostars project “Metadetect” started

Together with a German company SURFLAY and Danish company PIPELINE, the Karolinska Institute and the Univ. of Rostock QVQ received a EU grant to develop a multimodality method to detect colon cancer. Multilayer nanoparticles developed by SURFLAY containing various imaging agents will be decorated with QVQ elongated VHH, recognizing important markers for (recurring) colon cancer, […]

QVQ-website better and better! New productsheets available.

The website of QVQ has been renewed and we strive to keep on improving the content. In this light we have updated many product sheets to show that the antibodies that QVQ sell are of the highest quality and are being tested by expert research groups. If you are interested in one of our products […]

QVQ: New building, better equipment, same high quality!

From the 1st of may QVQ resides in the industrial cluster of the Androclus building. QVQ has doubled its lab space, thereby ensuring to keep on providing the highest quality of contract research with a focus on the improvement of the production and purification facilities. Yalelaan 1 Androclus building – room O270 3584 CL Utrecht […]