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QVQ actively participates in the next European Training Network on oncogenic GPCRs: ONCORNET 2.0.

The European Union has granted 4 M euro to Martine Smit and Jacqueline van Muijlwijk (Medicinal Chemistry, AIMMS, Faculty of Science, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) and colleagues from academia and SMEs from the Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain, UK and Switzerland to train young scientist to become experts in oncogenic GPCR research. ONCORNET2.0 builds on the success […]

QVQ partners up with Suzan Rooijakkers (UMCU) to target the complement system with a granted NWO Industrial Doctorate

NWO has funded sixteen PhD projects through their Industrial Doctorate program. One of these grants was awarded to Suzan Rooijakkers (UMC Utrecht) and QVQ to target neoepitopes on C5 convertases using VHHs. These C5 convertases are key enzymes in an overactive immune system, an underlying cause of many inflammatory diseases. The industrial doctorate PhD student […]

New: QVQ Holding b.v. was present at the 14th European Molecular Imaging Meeting from March 19-22 in Glasgow. Raimond Heukers presented the development of the C-Direct tag for the directional conjugation of VHH to imaging molecules

You can now download our new poster on Site-directional functionalization of VHH using the C-direct tag. Click here to download.

Substantial grant from EU and Op Oost [NL] to develop VHH to detect and repair Osteoarthritis

QVQ Holding b.v. as partner of a larger consortium  and in collaboration with its daughter company Orthros TR b.v. -has received a substantial grant from EU and Op Oost [NL] to develop VHH to detect and repair Osteoarthritis, an age related disease affecting over 100.000.000 people around the globe [see our products in this area]. […]

Patent to combat Candidiasis with lama antibodies [VHH]

QVQ Holding b.v. and Hans Knoll Institute in Jena [Germany] have filed a patent to combat Candidiasis  with lama antibodies [VHH]. Candidiasis is caused by Candida albicans and infection with C. albicans can be life threatening when entering the blood stream. By filing this patent QVQ strengthens its leading position in the development of VHH […]

QVQ holding has joined the Biotech Investissement group and is now a sister company of RD-Biotech SAS, Diaclone SAS and SynAbs SA (

We are pleased to announce that QVQ holding has joined the Biotech Investissement group and is now a sister company of RD-Biotech SAS, Diaclone SAS and SynAbs SA ( RD-Biotech is a well experienced CRO which supplies high quality custom services in biomanufacturing (plasmids, monoclonal antibodies and recombinant antibodies, recombinant proteins, cells) and research contracts […]


Recently QVQ has decided to invest in Orthros TR, a company that will develop bi-functional VHH to cure Osteoarthritis. This investment follows on the agreement between Orthros TR and QVQ in which Orthros has obtained a License Agreement on the commercialization of QVQ molecules for therapeutic purposes in the field of tissue repair, particularly Osteoarthritis. […]

New member in our staff: Dr Raimond Heukers.

Dr Raimond Heukers studied Laboratory Research in Enschede and Biology of Disease  at Utrecht University. He obtained his PhD at Utrecht University with his thesis entitled ‘Clustering-Induced, Clathrin-Mediated Endocytosis for cancer therapy’. His PhD research focussed on the use of VHHs in fundamental research, therapy and molecular imaging. After his PhD, Raimond underwent additional training […]

Work with us, win with us

QVQ offers a unique form of collaboration to ensure that you will have in the shortest possible time tailor-made lama antibodies for your research or preclinical studies. There will be two routes for this: starting directly with libraries QVQ has composed over the last 7 years and that turned out very suitable to select directly […]

New and further characterized products available

Speed up the selection of a lama antibody of your interest by using our collection of over 50 immune libraries obtained from cell immunizations. See our productlists in the different categories: Infectious Diseases, Cancer, Age Related Diseases, which includes Neuromuscular Diseases, Tissue Repair and Cardio Vascular Diseases.