• NWO grants KIEM project for development of VHH-based cancer vaccins

NWO granted 11 KIEM (Kennis Innovatie Mapping) funds as part of their scientific PPP calls. One of these grants was awarded to Dr. Joke den Haan of the department of Molecular Cell Biology and Immunology at the Amsterdam UMC and Raimond Heukers of QVQ Holding BV to co-develop VHH-based cancer vaccins.

In this project, new targeted nanovaccins will be developed that can specifically target and deliver vaccins to antigen presenting cells. By taking up such cancer vaccins, antigen presenting cells can stimulate effector cells of the immunesystem to attack the tumor cells. QVQ will contribute to this project by developing new VHH, single domain antibody fragments also commonly referred to as nanobodies, that bind specifically to antigen presenting cells.