• QVQ partners up with Suzan Rooijakkers (UMCU) to target the complement system with a granted NWO Industrial Doctorate

NWO has funded sixteen PhD projects through their Industrial Doctorate program. One of these grants was awarded to Suzan Rooijakkers (UMC Utrecht) and QVQ to target neoepitopes on C5 convertases using VHHs. These C5 convertases are key enzymes in an overactive immune system, an underlying cause of many inflammatory diseases. The industrial doctorate PhD student Eva Struijf will perform the research at both QVQ and at the UMC Utrecht in the department of Medical Microbiology and the Bacteria & Complement group of Suzan Rooijakkers.

QVQ Holding b.v. performs CRO-activities such as custom development of single domain antibodies (VHH). Next to this, QVQ develops an expanding portfolio of VHH for imaging and research purposes. Currently, QVQ can offer molecules specifically binding component 3 of the complement system (C3). This new collaboration with the Medical Microbiology group at the UMCU allows QVQ to reinforce its pipeline in infectious diseases. It is also a good example where QVQ generates value by developing VHH in close collaboration with academic partners. While therapeutic molecules from this project will be utilized for fundamental research and therapy, detection molecules will remain property of QVQ.


For QVQ:                                          Edward Dolk (e.dolk@qvquality.com)

For Medical Microbiology:           Suzan Rooijakkers (s.h.m.rooijakkers@umcutrecht.nl)