• New member in our staff: Dr Raimond Heukers.

Dr Raimond Heukers studied Laboratory Research in Enschede and Biology of Disease  at Utrecht University. He obtained his PhD at Utrecht University with his thesis entitled ‘Clustering-Induced, Clathrin-Mediated Endocytosis for cancer therapy’. His PhD research focussed on the use of VHHs in fundamental research, therapy and molecular imaging. After his PhD, Raimond underwent additional training in antibody-discovery at arGEN-X in Belgium. Therefore, he is well trained in the field of antibody/VHH discovery and research. As a postdoctoral fellow at the VU University in Amsterdam, he joined the Molecular Pharmacology group of Prof Martine Smit, a renowned expert in the field of GPCRs. There, Raimond successfully established a VU-VHH platform for the selection and characterization of VHHs that binds and/or modulate different types of GPCRs. Besides being engaged with QVQ, Raimond will remain closely involved with the ongoing GPCR-VHH research lines at the VU.

We are confident that with Raimond on board we can even better fulfil the present and future targets our clients will give us.


VHH-related publications of Raimond Heukers:

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