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Accurate and sensitive
detection of disease in
their initial stage

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  • · is a company performing Contract Research for industrial partners and works together with Universities and medical centres in Collaboration Agreements.
  • · provides expertise in each step of Llama Antibody Technology [VHH Technology], from immunizations, selections and screening of functionalities to production.
  • · has a considerable number of high quality VHH for Sales for Research in areas like Cancer, Age related Diseases and Infectious Diseases

Latest from us

  • Recently QVQ has decided to invest in Orthros TR, a company that will develop bi-functional VHH to cure Osteoarthritis. This investment follows on the agreement between Orthros TR and QVQ in which Read more

  • Dr Raimond Heukers studied Laboratory Research in Enschede and Biology of Disease  at Utrecht University. He obtained his PhD at Utrecht University with his thesis entitled ‘Clustering-Induced, Clathrin-Mediated Endocytosis for cancer therapy’. Read more

  • QVQ offers a unique form of collaboration to ensure that you will have in the shortest possible time tailor-made lama antibodies for your research or preclinical studies. There will be two routes Read more

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