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Accurate and sensitive
detection of disease in
their initial stage

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EBU grant for QVQ

To develop a new therapeutic route for FSHD the Economic Board Utrecht has given QVQ, NTrans and Hubrecht Institute a grant to explore whether the transduction of lama antibodies in muscle cells can stop/retard FSHD


Collaboration with Eurogentec

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QVQ’s imaging agents are suitable for correlative imaging from nanometer to meter scale. (animation by ScienceTransmitter) 

QVQ mission

QVQ contributes to the accurate and sensitive detection of diseases in the early stages by providing top quality validated Imaging and Research Agents based on their C-direct labelled single domain antibodies from camelids (professionally called functionalized VHH).

To become a supplier of top-end market products, QVQ closely works together with top academic and industrial groups and actively stimulates research in these areas.

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